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CARD is a volunteer, non-partisan organization working with citizens and officials for development that enhances the traditional character of the Hill Country. We believe preserving our open spaces, flowing water, clean air and starry skies is good for our economy and our rural lifestyle. We do not accept any corporate or government funding. Go to our About page for our vision, mission, who we are, and other details.


UPDATE: At the 6:00 pm City Council meeting tomorrow (Thursday, December 1), Aqua Texas will present their "term sheet," a proposal to provide retail service instead of the City-owned Central Area Waste Water System. We strongly urge all Wimberley area citizens to attend the meeting at
221 Stillwater, and stay informed about this important issue. Here is background information on what is at stake:

Why Aqua Texas Wants Control of Wimberley's Future

Aqua Texas wants unrestricted growth in the Wimberley Valley and they are very close to getting it. In January, the Wimberley City Council is expected to decide whether to move forward with the City's approved and funded Central Area sewer plan or go with an Aqua Texas proposal.


Healing Wimberley

The Wimberley sewer issue has sharply divided our town. To an extent, that's natural and democratic. We're arguing. The issue is important and the sides see things very differently.

But this issue will be resolved soon. Whichever way it goes, we will all have to live with the outcome. We will also need to live with each other.


Wimberley Speaks Up

Last week CARD asked you to let City Council know you were opposed to handing our Waste Water System – and control of future development – over to Aqua Texas. Many of you did. And many of you came to City Council Oct. 20, telling Council members to please not sell away Wimberley’s control of its infrastructure. Not to an out-of-state corporation with a reputation for price gouging and un-kept promises that will send millions of Wimberley dollars to its company executives and Stock Exchange investors.

Once again, CARD members were thrilled, amazed and touched by the heartfelt courage of the people of Wimberley. Many of you, or your neighbors, went to the podium to state your reasons. You don't get that kind of response in just any town.


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