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      City Council postpones date of HEB discussion, changes venue
On Dec 19, the Wimberley City Council scheduled discussion for Jan. 16 at the Community Center.

Dear Neighbors,

At the December 19th Wimberley City Council meeting the Council postponed the upcoming discussion of the application by HEB for their proposed move into Wimberley. This postponement was made with the consent and, we are told, at the suggestion of HEB.

The new date is Jan. 16, and the new location is at the Wimberley Community Center, 14068 Ranch Road 12. This is in recognition of great citizen interest and in anticipation of a large turnout.

Citizens Alliance for Responsible Development applauds City Council’s decision to provide time for more public education, consideration and discussion on this proposal, which will have a huge impact on Wimberley’s future. CARD has not taken a position for or against HEB coming into Wimberley; we do take the position that this is a life-changing proposal for our city, and needs to be given considerable open, public discussion, and, if it happens, needs to be done in ways most beneficial to Wimberley.

Please mark your calendar and let your opinion be heard.

CARD Steering Committee


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