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Taste the Future at the Rainwater Revival
Saturday Oct. 25

The hottest new idea in the Texas Hill Country also happens to be one of the oldest ideas for a reliable water supply: rainwater collection. What worked for early Texas farmers and ranchers has now been rediscovered and updated by thousands of area homeowners who collect clean, delicious rainwater for drinking, household use and irrigation.

The 5th annual Rainwater Revival, Saturday, Oct. 25th in Dripping Springs, is a celebration of rainwater collection, conservation and common sense. The Hill Country Alliance event is free for all, with speakers, vendors, demonstrations, learning and kids' crafts. It's also a full day family experience, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., with live music, food and drink.

In just a few years, Rainwater Revival has grown to be a large and popular gathering for both practical research and enthusiastic celebration. With Hill Country wells going dry and central Texas lakes running low, collecting rainwater is an increasingly smart choice for people seeking a reliable source of highest quality, economical drinking water.

Today, installing a rainwater system costs about the same as drilling a well. It produces water that is cleaner and tastes better than well water and extends the life of water heaters and other appliances.

The festive feel of the Rainwater Revival comes from the growing ranks of enthusiastic rainwater converts. They talk like car collectors at an auto show and feel like pioneers on the cutting-edge of the future. They love to brag about their sweet tasting water and how many hundreds, or thousands, of gallons they store from each inch of rain. With a large collection roof and tank, they don't worry about wells going dry.

If you're thinking about a rainwater system, or have been concerned about the decreasing water supply in our fast growing area, take time on Oct. 25 to head over to the Rainwater Revival, 29401 Ranch Road 12 in Dripping Springs. You'll find all your questions answered on how to build a system for a new home or convert from an old well.

For more information go to: www.rainwaterrevival.com

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