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Your Petitions Go to the State Capitol

Electro Purification's intention to take an enormous quantity of water from our already over-stretched Trinity Aquifer – and sell it to developments elsewhere – created an amazingly united area-wide reaction of concern and action.

Thousands of citizens, including many of you, signed petitions from CARD and from the Hays County Groundwater Watchdogs, protesting the EP water grab and asking elected officials to stop it, and further asking for the unprotected "white zone" location of the EP wells to be put under a Groundwater Conservation District's protection, and to provide enough funds to stabilize that district to allow for effective management.

You may have seen in last week's Wimberley View that CARD and the Watchdogs delivered copies of those petitions to County Commissioner Will Conley and reported it to the County Commissioners Court on Mar. 23.

On Wednesday, representatives of CARD and Hays County Groundwater Watchdogs went to the State Capitol to deliver YOUR Citizen Petitions, more than 6,000 of them, to Representative Jason Isaac and to Senator Donna Campbell. The 2,400 CARD petitions (the number continues to grow) created a stack almost a foot high. Because the approximately 4,000 Watchdog petitions were signed online, only the signatures and comments were delivered printed, but even those took scores of pages.

HaysCARD - Petitions Going to the State Capitol
The CARD and Watchdogs delegation at Senator Donna Campbell's office. From left, Jim McMeans and Louis Parks of CARD, Suzanne Teshera of Watchdogs and David Glenn of CARD
(Photo: Steve Wood, www.yourpaparazzo.com)

The delegation from CARD and the Watchdogs also visited the offices and talked with aides for State Senator Judith Zaffirini, Senator Troy Fraser, Senator Rodney Ellis, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Governor Greg Abbott. They were able to speak briefly with Senator Zaffirini, who has been very supportive, and Senator Troy Fraser, who said we were "in the right." They had a meeting with Rep. Isaac, who expressed appreciation for the petitions and confidence in stopping the water grab with pending legislation sponsored by him and/or Senator Campbell.

Many other local groups and hundreds of individuals are continuing to work on many fronts, including litigation, communication/public awareness, technical studies and public pressure, as well as legislation. CARD extends thanks to all of you for taking action in this crisis.

A public relations disinformation campaign has been put in motion to tell us that, either there is no real threat, or that the fight is lost. Isaac acknowledged that campaign had caused a problem for a while last week. The intention is to make us give up. We have too much to lose to do that.

Keep letting your representatives hear from you, keep attending meetings and stay tuned to what is happening. You can keep informed through www.hayscard.org, www.saveourwells.com, www.tespatexas.org and The Hays County Groundwater Watchdogs Facebook page.

- CARD Steering Committee


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