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Good News from
Texas Water Development Board

Thank you all for your support – whether active or in spirit – in the recent concern over a possible delay in the Texas Water Development Board loan for the Wimberley Wastewater System.

As you may have heard, the very good news is that at the TWDB meeting Tuesday, Oct. 17, the Board stated its full approval and confidence in the Wimberley plan and said they are moving ahead full-speed to fund the previously approved, low-interest loan for the Wimberley Project. This is a very significant event in finally getting this project funded and started toward creating a cleaner Cypress Creek and Blanco River, and a better future for Wimberley. The loan is now scheduled to be funded Oct. 26, according to Mayor Mac McCullough.

City council members Steve Thurber, Allison Davis and Roberta Holland have each individually expressed their personal thanks to all citizens, CARD subscribers and many others, who emailed or called the board in support of the Wimberley System.

"The response was just wonderful." Holland said.

Due to a last-minute barrage of charges opposing the city system, the TWDB had indicated a delay in funding the loan was possible, so the board could investigate the complaints. However, at the Tuesday meeting, not a single complainant spoke against the Wimberley plan. Mayor McCullough, City council member and former Wimberley mayor Thurber, City council member Davis, City council member Holland and former Wimberley mayor Steve Klepfer all spoke for the city plan.

"It was a big help in spades (to have all those emails), and a big comfort to us to know we had all these people behind us," said McCullough. "Thank you to all the people who responded to CARD and to all the others on this. The timing was perfect."

As Council member Davis stated via Facebook, TWDB Executive Administer Jeff Walker "reported they have completed their investigations and found ‘no basis’ to hold up this project any longer. He recommended tabling the item and the Board agreed."

Davis went on to say: "The 3-member Board spoke highly of the project and (members) were very encouraging of us moving forward as soon as possible. The Chairman said from the dais that Senator Donna Campbell and Representative Jason Isaac sent a letter of support to move forward with the project and an immediate closing. Thank you to everyone for your letters of support over the past week! Wimberley is one step closer to cleaning up our waterways for good."

For more information on the TWDB decision, see the online Wimberley View story (the meeting was too late for this week’s paper) by Editor Dalton Sweat.

From CARD, thank you to everyone who responded to last week’s request for immediate action.

- CARD Steering Committee

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