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Steve Klepfer statement to City Council 10/20/16

You have before you the cumulative work of 40 years of citizens and organizations trying to solve this problem. Over $1.5 million has been spent so far on studies, engineering reports, GBRA reports, financial reports, rate analyses, independent reviews, public hearings, bond analyses, TCEQ contested cases, staff time and legal fees on this project.

1. Congratulations! You have a completed sanitary sewer design for a system that will begin to solve the environmental and business problems. The collection system is designed. The treatment plant has been designed. The reuse of treated effluent has been designated. TCEQ is in final review of construction plans. This is a "shovel ready project."

2. Well done! After a fair and thorough process, you have a TCEQ permit for this system in your hands. With all parties in the contested case agreeing to this plan.

3. You even made it better!! On coming up with the idea of contracting for disposal of effluent in the rare occasions that reuse and storage are not sufficient. This is truly now a no discharge permit!!!

4. Amazing! You have a $5.5 million subsidized 20 year loan at 2.2% interest approved waiting for you to start shoveling. You have already borrowed $650,000 to design this project.

5. You have a $325,000 grant already awarded to the current plan because of its environmental pieces.

6. And now thank you so much for even doing more by obtaining a $1 million dollar economic development grant. Councils before you had looked and looked for grants but you did it! This will reduce the cost of the project by over 20%. The rates you will soon set will be much much lower than those presented to the district two years ago. I am so proud of this council for finally completing the hard work of the councils and citizens before you!

Unbelievable! The current plan has 70% of the cost paid by the users (heavily weighted to those that produce the most sewage) and no city property tax.

Please take a hard look at the work done by councils and citizens before you, the amazing work you have done to improve on the plan and decide tonight to implement this much needed capital improvement project.

Thank you,
Steve Klepfer


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