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Say No to Aqua Texas

CARD Urges Sending Petition to Local Officials
  • Now is the Time to Take Action by sending emails to local politicians and key players to let them know you want them to "Say No to Aqua Texas and Yes To The Already Approved Wimberley Wastewater Treatment Plan". See our sample wording below, then select, copy, and paste it into one or more of the emails created by clicking the following links (NOW DISABLED):

    If these links don't work on your computer, use the email addresses at the bottom of this page to address your emails.

    You also may copy and paste the same petition wording by downloading and selecting it in this Word document.

  • Please encourage friends to send emails too.

  • Check this website (hayscard.org) to stay current with future meetings to attend, new articles, and other action steps you can take.


To Mayor McCullough, Wimberley City Council members and the Mayor's Ad Hoc Wastewater Committee: Aqua Texas is bad business for Wimberley, the Wimberley Valley and our valuable water resources.

I strongly urge you to "Say No to Aqua Texas". This company should not be given the management and control of our wastewater.

  • At any price, Aqua Texas is a bad business partner for the City of Wimberley with its "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and its known history of sewage spills and rate hikes.

  • The city's engineers have consistently shown the Aqua Texas option to be more costly and environmentally less desirable, coupled with a loss of a valuable reused water resource needed for Blue Hole Regional Park.

  • Type 1 wastewater is a valuable resource that should be used in Wimberley for the benefit of the community, helping reduce depletion of our aquifer.

  • City Council has before it an approved plan that is the result of years of hard work and research by dedicated and civic-minded volunteers. Contracting with Aqua Texas in any major way could jeopardize the state-approved low-interest loan ($5.5 million) for construction of the system, and the application to the EDA for a $1 million grant could be lost if the city changes the approved plan.


You also may copy and paste the same wording by downloading and selecting it in this Word document.

Here are the people receiving the petition:

Mayor Mac McCullough email: libbysales@austin.rr.com
Place 1 Councilmember Bob Dussler email: place1@cityofwimberley.com
Place 2 Councilmember Craig Fore email: place2@cityofwimberley.com
Place 3 Councilmember Sally Trapp email: place3@cityofwimberley.com
Place 4 Councilmember Gary Barchfield email: place4@cityofwimberley.com
Place 5 Councilmember John White email: place5@cityofwimberley.com

Ad Hoc Wastewater Review Committee
Grady Burnette, Chair email: grady@burnettebuilders.com
Chris Oddo email: chris@doncox.com
John Urban email: jurban7783@aol.com
David Glenn email: david.glenn@vownet.net
Gail Pigg email: gailhampigg@yahoo.com
Mike Stevens email: mike@stevensmalonelaw.com

PETITION: "Say No to Aqua Texas" (6/10/16)

CARDtalk: 7 Reasons to Tell City Council Members:
"Don’t surrender Wimberley’s wastewater control to Aqua Texas" (5/29/16)

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