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CARDtalk: Help TESPA Fight for Our Water Rights (11/4/19)

CARDtalk: Imagine a Day Without Water (10/14/19)

CARDalert: Permian Highway Pipeline - Time to Appeal to Corp of Engineers (10/13/19)

CARDalert: Permeable Pavers - More Than Meets The Eye (8/18/19)

CARDtalk: Permeable Pavers - More Than Meets The Eye (8/18/19)

CARD Alert:Central Wimberley Wastewater Project Workshop (6/14/19)

CARDtalk-TWDB to City Council: Yes... but Only IF and WHEN (3/29/19)

Speak out at City Council Thursday night (3/6/19)

CARDalert:Gas Pipeline Meeting #2 (2/7/19)

CARDalert:Gas Pipeline Aims for Heart of Wimberley Valley (1/25/19)

CARDtalk: TWDB Public Hearing Follow-Up (1/10/19

CARD Call to Action: Tuesday is the day for us to STOP AQUA TEXAS! (1/6/19

CARDalert:Aqua Texas Not a Done Deal (12/13/18)

CARD Call to Action: Cancelled City Council Meeting Rescheduled (8/25/18)

CARDalert:Two Crucial meetings This Week (8/12/18)

CARDtalk:Sharing CARD Publications(update-7/19/18)

CARDalert:Wimberley Citizens for No Aqua Texas to Host Rally 7/13/18)

CARDalert:Why does CARD care about Aqua Texas in the Valley? 7/9/18)

CARD Call to Action: CARD Still Opposes Aqua Texas (6/19/18)

CARDtalk: Sharing CARD Publications (6/10/18)


CARDtalk: TESPA Meeting about EP (5/10/18)

CARDtalk: Coming This Week - Wastewater Project Collection System Kickoff (4/15/18)

CARDtalk: Understanding The E. coli Test Results(1/17/18)

Cypress Creek BST Report (12/11/17)

CARDtalk: Good News from Texas Water Development Board (10/19/17)

CARD call to action: Please Send One Email to Stand Up for Wimberley (10/12/17)

CARDtalk: Petition Signers Support City Council Action (7/26/17)

CARDtalk: Blanco River/Onion Creek Water Forum (7/9/17)

CARDtalk: CARD Now on Facebook (6/27/17)

CARD Alert: Cypress Creek Cafe Donations (5/31/17)

CARDtalk:The Voters Spoke but the Clock Keeps Ticking (5/30/17)

CARD Alert: Your Chance to Help Wimberley (4/10/17)

CARDAlert: The Petition to Stop Aqua Texas (3/22/17)

CARD Alert: City Hosts Public Meeting on Proposed Tractor Supply Company store (2/14/17)

CARD Call to Action: What Some City Council Members Just Won't Remember (1/30/17)

CARDtalk: Just the Facts (1/5/17)

PROTECT OUR WIMBERLEY VALLEY – Town Hall Meeting Invitation Mailing (PDF download) (1/5/17)

CARDtalk: CARD Hosts Town Hall Meeting: Protect Our Wimberley Valley (12/27/16)

CARDtalk: Why Aqua Texas Wants Control of Wimberley's Future (11/30/16)

CARDtalk: Healing Wimberley (11/9/16)

CARDtalk: One More Time (10/31/16)

CARDtalk: Wimberley Speaks Up (10/27/16)

CARDtalk: Wimberley's Central Sewer System - A $1 Million Vote to Decide the Future of Wimberley (10/17/16)

CARDtalk: Wimberley's Central Sewer System - Now IS The Time (6/16/16)

PETITION: "Say No to Aqua Texas" (6/10/16)

CARD Call to Action: PETITION DRIVE: "Say No to Aqua Texas And Yes To The Already Approved Wimberley Wastewater Treatment Plan" (6/10/16)

CARDtalk: 7 Reasons to Tell City Council Members:
"Don’t surrender Wimberley’s wastewater control to Aqua Texas" (5/29/16)

CARDtalk: Need for Realistic Flood Elevation Maps (5/26/16)

CARDtalk: Jack Hollon Wins Groundwater Stewardship Lifetime Achievement Award (2/6/16)

CARDtalk: Jack Hollon (11/20/15)

CARDtalk: TESPA challenges Temporary Permit for Needmore Water, LLC (11/9/15)

CARD Call to Action: CARD Urges Complete Evaluation and Public Meeting about Needmore Application (10/9/15)

CARD Call to Action: CARD Opposes Proposal for Massive Pipeline Through Wimberley Valley (9/3/15)

CARD Call to Action: Support Golden-cheeked warbler endangered status (7/31/15)

CARDtalk: HB 3405 Passes but EP War Not Over (5/23/15)

CARD Call to Action: EP won a battle, let’s win the war (5/19/15)

CARDtalk: Electro Purication Challenged by Legislation and Law, So where are we now on EP? (5/13/15)

CARD Call to Action - TESPA Says Electro Purification Wells Require HTGCD Permit (4/9/15)

CARDtalk: CITIZEN ALERT - A Possible Interim Water Supply for Buda (4/6/15)

CARDtalk: CITIZEN ALERT - CARDtalk: Your Petitions go to the State Capitol (4/1/15)

CARDtalk: CITIZEN ALERT - Misinformation Campaign Against Wimberley Citizens and Our Property Values (3/26/15)

CARDtalk: CITIZEN ALERT - TESPA Announces Water Defense Plans at Meeting on Saturday, March 21 (3/17/15)

CARDtalk: CITIZEN ALERT - TCEQ Public Meeting On Draft Permit for Wimberley Water Reclamation Plant Proposal (3/4/15)

Dallas Morning News: Water tug-of-war has Central Texans fearing they’ll be sucked dry (3/1/15)

TESPA Press Release PDF (2/25/15)

CARD Hays Water Defense Resolution PDF (2/24/15)

The New Water Wildcatters by Patrick Cox, PhD (2/22/15) (Download)

CARDtalk: Report on Feb 10 Wimberley Town Hall Meeting on Electro Purification Project (2/11/15)

CARDtalk: IMPORTANT MEETINGS ALERT for Hays Property Owners (2/3/15)

CARDtalk: CALL TO ACTION for Hays Property Owners (2/2/15)

CARDtalk: Citizen Alert - Unregulated Pumping Threatens Trinity Aquifer (1/14/15)

CARDtalk: Central Texas Water Tug-of-War #1 (11/18/14)

CARDtalk: Save Old Baldy (11/1/14)

CARDtalk: Taste the Future at the Rainwater Revival (10/16/14)

CARDtalk: Candidates Debate Thursday, Oct 16 (10/15/14)

CARDtalk: Water Crisis Meeting in the Rearview Mirror (9/19/14)

CARDtalk: Water Crisis - What Happened at the Water Crisis meeting? (9/16/14)

CARDtalk: Water Crisis - What's on tap at Thursday's Water Crisis meeting? (9/6/14)

CARDtalk: Water Crisis - Learning to value fresh water from people without enough (9/5/14)

CARDtalk: CARD Supports Wimberley Water Reclamation Plant Proposal (8/20/14)

CARDtalk: Water Crisis - The Cost of Water (8/8/14)

CARDtalk: Water Crisis - Available? Or Not? (8/1/14)

CARDtalk: Water Crisis - Trouble Ahead (7/25/14)

CARDtalk: Announcing Community Water Meeting September 11 (7/8/14)

CARDtalk: Important Decision Ahead for Woodcreek (6/6/14)

CARDtalk: Congratulations to Wimberley's New Mayor and Council Members (5/12/14)

CARDtalk: Wimberley Candidates Respond - Download (4/21/14)

CARDtalk: Hays urgently needs a Regional Water Plan (4/12/14)

CARDtalk: Hays County Considers Remote Water Authority (3/28/14)

CARDtalk: CAMPO Open House April 2, 2014 (3/26/14)

CARDtalk: Hays County Water Security - At What Price? (2/21/14)

CARDtalk: Dripping Springs Named First International Dark Sky Community in Texas (2/12/14)

CARDtalk: Hays County Rainwater Fund Proposed (2/3/14)

CARDtalk: HEB Coming To Wimberley in 2017 (1/16/14)

CARDtalk: Tonight, City Council considers HEB's building application (1/16/14)

CARDtalk: CARD and HEB seek common Ground - Your turn comes Jan. 16 (1/9/14)

CARDtalk: City Council postpones HEB discussion (12/19/13)

CARDtalk: P&Z Vote on HEB (12/18/13)

CARDtalk: P&Z Meeting on HEB (12/18/13)

CARDtalk: P&Z Meeting on HEB (12/12/13)

CARDtalk: TXDot RR12 Parkway Project Open House (12/5/13)

CARDtalk: Got Rainwater? (9/3/13)

CARDtalk: A Response from CARD to Water Symposium at Wimberley VFW hall (8/3/13)

CARDtalk: Wimberley City Council Commits to Central Sewer System with $650,000 Design Project (5/16/13)

CARDtalk: Needmore Ranch MUD Approved with Amendments (5/10/13)

CARDtalk: MUD meeting report (4/26/13)

CARDtalk: Alert –Hays County Transportation Plan Impacts Your Neighborhood (11/8/12)

CARDtalk: TWDB Turns Down WVWA Appeal (3/1/12)

CARDtalk: Create a Separate GMA for Jacob's Well (2/16/12)

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