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Gas Pipeline Meeting #2
This Time Kinder Morgan Will Be There

Tuesday, February 12, 6:00 pm
Wimberley Community Center

Let’s pack the Community Center again.

“Dozens expected” said the KXAN story before the January 29 pipeline meeting in Wimberley.

Dozens? Make that HUNDREDS! The Community Center was so packed some speakers had trouble getting past the door monitors.

That meeting was a warning of all the dangers a 42-inch gas pipeline represents to the people, property, and environment of the Wimberley Valley, with many local advocates speaking against the pipeline.

On February 12, Kinder Morgan will host and present its case, one of many meetings it is holding along the route of its new over-sized pipeline through Central Texas.

“Our meeting on the 29th was very informative, however right now we still have a lot of unanswered questions,” County Commissioner Lon Shell told CARD. “It is extremely important that we attend Kinder Morgan’s open house on February 12th to make sure all of our concerns are addressed.”

If you were not able to attend January 29, you missed a scary meeting. You can get just a taste at the Kinder Morgan Permian Highway Pipeline Information page about the meeting on the Hays County website, and the risks the pipeline represents to every person in this valley, whether you have property on the route or not. On that page you will find, among other links:

Citizens Alliance for Responsible Development urges everyone with property or an interest in the well-being of the water and beauty of our area to attend this meeting. Let Kinder Morgan know you do not want this large pipeline - which can also be used to carry crude oil and other types of petroleum products - going through the highly fragile features of the Jacob’s Well/Cypress Creek recharge zone. All indications are that Kinder Morgan’s approach will be that this is a done deal, an irresistible force we cannot fight, and that dangers are minimal. It is up to us - if we want to protect this area we love - to convince them that going through Wimberley is more trouble and cost than it is worth.

Nobody wants a huge pipeline going through their land (and 42 inches is exceptionally large even for this kind of pipeline). It’s not something we would wish on anyone. But this area is far more environmentally sensitive than most; the cost of rerouting this pipeline would be a tiny expense compared to the profit that will be made from it.

We can only have a say if we speak up.

- CARD Steering Committee

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CARDalert:Gas Pipeline Aims for Heart of Wimberley Valley (1/25/19)

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