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      A Response from CARD
August 3, 2013

Nothing is more important than water - clean water to drink, water to keep the Wimberley Valley beautiful, and water to keep Wimberley's economy humming. We all share the responsibility of protecting this water. Citizens Alliance for Responsible Development (CARD) is actively seeking solutions to the real and growing water problems of the Wimberley Valley, solutions that will allow us and our children to keep enjoying this wonderfully-blessed area for decades.

A rogue group that recently broke away from the mainstream Republicans of Hays County is making distorted and false accusations against some local water-interest groups, including CARD.

CARD is a small, all volunteer and all local not-for-profit, non-partisan organization of Wimberley and western Hays County citizens with no government funding and no commercial or development backers. We've never polled, but I know we include Democrats, Republicans and independents. No member has ever profited by one cent from our organization, as those "exposing" us know. Our single goal is our mission, which we invite you to read. In short, CARD supports and encourages sustainable development and practices that protect local natural resources.

Instead of attempting to demonize their own neighbors and frighten citizens with meaningless scare tactics, we ask this group to join us in finding genuine solutions to Wimberley's pressing water problems, not ways to help outside interests take our water. We don't have all the answers, but we are trying to find them, and we welcome sincerely-offered ideas.

Louis Parks
CARD Chair

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