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CARD Hosts a Community Water Meeting September 11

(This CARD article ran in the Thursday, July 17 Wimberley View.)

Ask any forward-looking Texan to list the most crucial community issues facing our state and he or she is sure to put "water" near the top. Ongoing drought, record-low lake levels and failing water wells have every informed person concerned for our state's near future. Elected officials, cities, farmers, businesses, parents and involved citizens are seeking solutions. But will we find realistic answers - and soon enough?

Citizens Alliance for Responsible Development (CARD) believes meaningful results begin on a local level through individual awareness and effort. To help us all learn more about the risks facing our community and our future, CARD will host a free Community Meeting

WATER CRISIS: Time to Get Serious!
6-9:30 p.m. Thursday, September 11th,
Wimberley Community Center
14068 Ranch Road 12

We hope you will mark the date and come join the conversation on why water is an increasingly critical issue, and how we can all be part of improving the outlook. We'll have great speakers, useful tips, free refreshments and the rare and special opportunity to talk and work together as a community.

Join us at 6 pm to informally "Chat with the Experts" on ways to enhance your family's personal water plan. There will be several tables, all non-commercial, each with a specialist ready to discuss: Lawns, Household Water, Xeriscaping (low-water landscaping and gardening), Rainwater Collection, and the critical relationship between water and energy.

At 7 p.m., we'll move to the BIG water picture, with five outstanding speakers, starting with one of Texas' most respected water experts, Dr. Andy Sansom, Executive Director of Texas State University's Meadows Center for Water and the Environment. Dr. Sansom will introduce the key issues and set the stage for the evening's discussions.

Our speakers will focus on past, present, and future water issues as well as innovative water solutions. On the program: Steve Clouse, Chief Operating Officer of San Antonio Water Systems, Ray Whisenant, Hays County Commissioner and a past president of the Texas Ground Water Association, Peter Newell, Water Resources Engineer at HDR Engineering, a veteran of relief and water development program assessment in stressed nations of Africa, Asia and Latin America, and Bech Bruun of the Texas Water Development Board and a member of the Texas Environmental Flows Advisory Group.

As a bonus, at 9 p.m. the five key speakers, along with County Commissioner Will Conley, will join in a 30-minute panel discussion to answer audience questions.

CARD cordially invites you to join us for this community meeting as we learn first-hand more about the water crisis threatening our community and state, and consider plans and ideas to successfully weather the growing emergency.

Keep up with meeting updates on this website at hayscard.org, and help us get the word out with our poster.

2014 Water  Meeting Poster
Download CARD Water Meeting Poster


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