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Wimberley Speaks Up

Last week CARD asked you to let City Council know you were opposed to handing our Waste Water System – and control of future development – over to Aqua Texas. Many of you did. And many of you came to City Council Oct. 20, telling Council members to please not sell away Wimberley’s control of its infrastructure. Not to an out-of-state corporation with a reputation for price gouging and un-kept promises that will send millions of Wimberley dollars to its company executives and Stock Exchange investors.

Once again, CARD members were thrilled, amazed and touched by the heartfelt courage of the people of Wimberley. Many of you, or your neighbors, went to the podium to state your reasons. You don’t get that kind of response in just any town.

Those who spoke were not doing it for personal self-interest or personal profit. They did it because they love our city. And in many cases because they personally have had enough of Aqua Texas.

We want to share a few of those statements with you.

One was given by a young Wimberley man, Mike Bachers, who lives on Old Kyle Road, in the area where the sewer collection system will be, and close to the polluted water. None of us in CARD had met him until Thursday’s City Council meeting, but we were excited by his wise words.

"What makes any member of this council think they'd be able to negotiate a contract with AquaTexas that puts Wimberley in a better position than every other small town that's made the mistake of signing up? You're dealing with a powerful water corporation with an obligation to its shareholders to turn a profit and to grow its margins, year after year, into perpetuity."
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Another you may have heard from before, Jim McMeans, was one of the organizers of CARD, who has been speaking out on Wimberley water issues for more than a decade.

"A deal with Aqua Texas is a LOSE/LOSE proposition. The city would be subject to higher initial costs, a two-year or more delay, no irrigation water for the Blue Hole Regional Park, and no control over the future costs of wastewater service."
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Wimberley’s first mayor, Steve Klepfer, is one of at least five Wimberley mayors, past and present, who have worked hard to make the Wimberley-controlled waste water system a reality. Steve started by showing a 1974 Wimberley newspaper talking about the urgent need of a sewer system downtown to stop pollution.

"Congratulations! You have a completed sanitary sewer design for a system that will begin to solve the environmental and business problems. The collection system is designed. The treatment plant has been designed. The reuse of treated effluent has been designated. TCEQ is in final review of construction plans. This is a ‘shovel ready project.' "
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Shannon du Plessis is a Wimberley resident and photographer, very involved in local volunteer organizations.

"I understand that if you accept the $1 million grant from the EDA that eliminates the option to outsource and that might seem a little bit scary, but I think this grant is the universe giving you a vote of confidence and saying, ‘let's go, let's do this.' "
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- CARD Steering Committee


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