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CARD Call to Action
EP won a battle, let’s win the war

Will you send an email by Thursday May 21 to stop EP?

We – the people of Hays County – have a crucial bill up for a vote on the Senate floor, possibly Thursday or Friday. House Bill 3405 and Senate Bill 1440 are companion bills that could give the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District (BSEACD) the authority to regulate EP’s pumping and prevent them from taking 5.3 million gallons a day from our aquifer.

As we expected, Lubbock-area Senator Perry – for whatever his reason – has used his Committee power against the people of Hays County to make changes to HB 3405, as he previously did to SB 1440, to render it ineffective against EP.

But now the bill has passed out of his committee and his power. It’s up to the Senate. Senators Campbell and Zaffirini have committed to fight to get this bill back the way we need it to be so EP cannot ruthlessly drain away our vital water to send to developers elsewhere.

We need to speak with one voice. We need to send an email to the Senators and tell them we support Senators Zaffirini and Campbell and these bills.

We have included a sample letter and email addresses below. You can copy and paste the letter and the email addresses. You can send one letter that will go to all the senators and be done. (It’s best to paste the addresses in the “bcc” – private – line of your address bar.) Numbers count.

If you can do more, even better:

  • Send individual emails to as many of the senators as you can. Start with Lt. Gov. Patrick and the first five Senators listed. Use the sample letter and insert their names to ask them personally for their support. If you write a personal email, make it short – they don’t need more details.
  • Forward this Alert to your friends anywhere in Texas and tell them how much this means to you and the people of Hays County. This is about our private property, our private and commercial wells, our friends, our water and the future property values of our area.
  • Call their offices. Be brief and polite.
  • Send a note of thanks and encouragement to the authors of these bills:
       Senator Donna Campbell – donna.campbell@senate.state.tx.us
       Senator Judith Zaffirini - judith.zaffirini@senate.state.tx.us
       Representative Jason Isaac – jason.isaac@house.state.tx.us
       Representative Eddie Rodriguez – eddie.rodriguez@house.state.tx.us

But if all you can do is send one email, thank you!


(If you live in Hays County, start it with: I am a citizen of Hays County.)

To the Honorable Members of the Texas Senate:

Please pass HB3405/SB1440, Senators Campbell and Zaffirini’s Hays County water bill to expand the territory of Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District. This local bill will protect property rights and the Trinity Aquifer, and save hundreds of private and commercial wells in Hays County. It comes with more than 6,000 petition signatures and dozens of resolutions of support from city councils, county commissioners court, school districts, Pedernales Electric Cooperative, local nonprofits and many neighborhoods. HB3405 passed the House with a commanding vote of 126-15. Both bills have been passed from the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs with amendments. We ask for your support for these senators’ efforts on this critical local bill.

Thank you for your consideration.

Be sure to include your name. It’s good to add your phone number and address.

Here is the list of the Senators’ email addresses. If you prefer to call, the list of their phone numbers follows.


Dan Patrick - 512-463-1001
Brian Birdwell - 512-463-0122
Konni Burton - 512-463-0110B
randon Creighton - 512-463-0104
Rodney Ellis - 512-463-0113
Kevin Eltife - 512-463-0101
Craig Estes - 512-463-0130
Troy Fraser - 512-463-0124
Sylvia Garcia - 512-463-0106
Bob Hall - 512-463-0102
Kelly Hancock - 512-463-0109
Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa - 512-463-0120
Don Huffines - 512-463-0116
Joan Huffman - 512-463-0117
Lois Kolkhorst - 512-463-0118
Eddie Lucio, Jr. - 512-463-0127
Jose Menendez - 512-463-0126
Jane Nelson - 512-463-0112
Robert Nichols - 512-463-0103
Jose Rodriguez - 512-463-0129
Charles Schwertner - 512-463-0105
Kel Seliger - 512-463-0131
Larry Taylor - 512-463-0111
Van Taylor - 512-463-0108
Carlos Uresti - 512-463-0119
Kirk Watson - 512-463-0114
Royce West - 512-463-0123
John Whitmire - 512-463-0115
Judith Zaffirini - 512-463-0121

- CARD Steering Committee


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