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Healing Wimberley

An item at the end of the last City Council meeting seemed minor compared to many issues Council faces.

It was not minor. It spoke indirectly but clearly to a major concern for Wimberley.

On paper, the item proposed the "addition of language to future City Council agendas relating to the conduct of public speakers". In discussion, Councilmember Gary Barchfeld, who sponsored the item, amplified his meaning. He wanted clarified meeting rules, such as how long each person can speak, and he wanted speakers to address the Council and the audience with respect and civility.

We need to extend this agenda item beyond City Council. Now, at this specific time, all of us who call Wimberley home need to address each other – in and outside of City Council – with respect, thoughtful words and civility.

We have seen individuals from both sides of the current sewer system issue treating members of the other side with anger and disrespect. Disrespect creates wounds that take a long time to heal. We should not do it, and we should discourage our friends from doing it.

It's a tall order. We all – both sides – think we are the good guys and the other guys are completely wrong. It helps if we accept that they also believe they are completely right.

The Wimberley sewer issue has sharply divided our town. To an extent, that's natural and democratic. We're arguing. The issue is important and the sides see things very differently.

But this issue will be resolved soon. Whichever way it goes, we will all have to live with the outcome. We will also need to live with each other.

After this, the city will face other important issues. New alliances will form, old alliances will dissolve. We may find our adversary today is our ally tomorrow.

If we cannot start the healing early, let's at least stop inflicting new hurts. We all want Wimberley to stay that great place where we know we'll see friends every time we go to town.

Thank you,

Citizens Alliance for Responsible Development


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