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CARD Alert: Your Chance to Help Wimberley

Hear the Candidates and Issues

League of Women Voters of Hays County
Candidate Debate
7 p.m., Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Wimberley Community Center
14068 Ranch Road 12

Former mayor Steve Klepfer recently said "This year's city council election will be the most important in the history of this city in deciding the future direction of Wimberley."

Make no mistake; the May 6 election will decide how City Council will vote on numerous important issues facing the city, the key of which is whether the city will control the coming downtown sewer system, or whether that power will be turned over to Aqua Texas/Aqua America.

All four contested candidates for City Council have said they will take part in the League of Women Voters of Hays County Candidate Debate, 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 11 in Johnson Hall of the Community Center, 14068 Ranch Road 12.

This is your opportunity to hear the candidates respond to questions developed by the League, and perhaps your only chance to ask candidates your own question.

One question citizens need to hear answered: Which sewer system will you vote for?

The City Sewer System, which will produce human-contact safe Type 1 water, will provide the long-needed water for Blue Hole Regional Park and keep control of Wimberley's future in the hands of the people of Wimberley,


Aqua Texas, a Wall Street corporation working only for the profit of its stockholders, and which already produces in its local plant Type 2 waste water - not safe for human contact - which is sprayed on a local golf course above our aquifer.

All four candidates already know how they will vote, even if some won't come right out and say so. Make sure all four tell you outright, - no hemming and hawing, no "I'll have to wait and see."

Early voting is Monday, April 24-Tuesday, May 2 (except Sunday, April 30).

Saturday, May 6, is Election Day

GO VOTE! The last City mayor's election was decided by just 6 votes. If you can't vote, please attend the debate and bring a citizen of Wimberley who can vote with you.

The future of Wimberley is in your hands.

Thank you.

- CARD Steering Committee

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