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CARDtalk: Petition Signers
Support City Council Actions

Last week a petition carrying almost 400 signatures was delivered to the City of Wimberley in support of moving forward with an environmentally sensible, affordable and locally controlled sewer system to protect Cypress Creek and the Blanco River.

The May City Council election was a referendum on the sewer issue. By a 60%-40% margin, Wimberley voters clearly expressed their support for a city-owned sewage treatment system over entanglement with Aqua Texas.

Citizens Alliance for Responsible Development (CARD) asked Wimberley folks to sign the petition supporting local control of a downtown sewer system instead of the out-of-state private corporation Aqua America. Many of you did.

After much consideration, CARD concluded that it was important to follow through with the carefully planned City system, both because of the merits of that system and because of serious concern over the past history of the private corporation. CARD believed, and still believes, the city system offers far better protection of the local environment, the health of Cypress Creek and the future economy of our area.

At the July 20 City Council meeting, Council was finally successful in making significant strides toward this goal, voting on some of the many detailed steps needed to clean up Cypress Creek downtown, with the added bonus of supplying recycled water to maintain Wimberley's major tourist attraction, Blue Hole Regional Park.

But many other important steps remain - and a tight schedule must be followed. City Council will need the continued support and good will of the people of Wimberley to get the job done. Now more than ever!

The CARD Steering Committee thanks all those who signed the petition, and encourages you to keep voicing your support for City Council as it moves forward on a system planned by Wimberley, controlled by Wimberley, and responsible to Wimberley.

- CARD Steering Committee

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